Jira is awesome!

I really enjoy using Atlassian apps to stay organized with my analog and digital projects. When working as a technical writer embedded with program management and engineering teams, Jira is the app of choice to keep the team focused, forward moving, and connected to the responsible people. Jira made my workflow more efficient, which means I could be more productive and more independent in getting the correct information and “big picture” of the project. Working in a team, however, I worked within my little part of Jira (issues and reports) and my space in Confluence. Confluence is a content management system (CMS) so you can collaboratively through writing and chat to develop content, which can be documents, reports, notes, and training.

At the end of September, I stopped working and suddenly had no work routine. I found my paper-based lists not so helpful (easy to lose and not easy to modify), and I worried I would forget how to use this awesome software. Luckily, Atlassian has a free version of their software for small teams, so I created an account and became my own scrum master for my art, home maintenance, and video projects. When I find my next technical writing or instructional designer job, I’ll be ready to sprint!

Jira with Confluence allows me great flexibility with how I organize and name my projects, documentation, ideas, and task lists. You might like it, too, especially if you coordinate with one or more others to tackle large projects.

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