Whipping up something new

Years ago I self-published some bilingual children’s books, and now I am inspired to use the art (with permission, of course) to make several animated programs to put on our local cable channel CreaTV. To do this, I am learning a lot of new things with apps from Adobe CC.

Edward Rooks created the meticulous drawings for Toco the Turtle, which will be the first animated project. I gathered the art files and located some royalty-free steel drum happy background music from DanoSongs. My husband recorded himself reading the book, and I also hired a native Spanish speaker and trained French speaker, so I’ll end up with three versions of the project.

Right now I am in the process of figuring out what to animate and how to do it. It’s very time consuming, I keep losing track of the time. When I lose track of time, it means I am enjoying the work. The first two scenes took many hours to complete, and now I am noticing that it’s not so hard to do certain kinds of animations anymore. Yay! Learning is happening. I am grateful to LinkedIn Learning for providing so many helpful courses.

Stay tuned!

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